P.S./M.S 108, School of Authors

From Detention center to FM's Wellness Space

It has been one year since F.M. transformed P.S. 108’s former detention room, which eventually turned into a storage space after school officials realized it was no longer conducive to being a healthy way of reprimanding students, into a thriving space for peace and wellness. Since FM transformed the locker room, children from Pre-K to 8th grade have participated in our yoga and meditation classes, learning various forms of re-centering themselves while cultivating inner focus, empathy, and strength. We also have courses for the teachers and parents so everyone can practice mindfulness, manage their breathing, and de-stress their bodies. Our next project is to transform the other locker room into F.M.’s second Wellness Room for P.S. 138, whose school shares half of the building with P.S. 108. The students at P.S. 138 are considered “special needs” and require extra loving, mindful, and gentle care, but how much more for the staff and parents serving the kids? So, FM is currently raising money to transform this locker room, that is now being used as P.S. 138’s storage room, into a vibrant, calm, and healing space for the P.S. 138 community! Please consider supporting our work of transforming our next locker room into FM’s second Wellness Room.