Fostering Meditation is a Harlem-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the mental development of at-risk youth and those in foster care by teaching The Five Steps 2 Wellness: Meditation, Yoga, Expressive Writing, Community, & Nutrition.

Mission & Vision


To help youth in foster care, alumni, and vulnerable populations jump-start their healing journey from past trauma and adverse life experiences through teaching the Five Steps 2 Wellness: Meditation, Yoga, Expressive Writing, Community, & Nutrition.


To create a community of Yogis who will become Yoga and Meditation Ambassadors, and further expand the Five Steps 2 Wellness, creating a world where we are continually Breathing, Meditating, and Healing together!

THE Challenge

Youth in foster care are three times as likely to have ADHD than children who live with biological families
Five times as likely to have anxiety & seven times as likely to have depression in comparison to non-foster youth

There’s a 60 % increase of suicide with every adverse childhood experience

Children in foster care are prescribed psychotropic medications 3-11 times higher than their peers who don’t reside within the system

90 % of foster children have been exposed to some complex trauma


80 % of youth suffer from a mental health issue, ranging from PTSD, panic & anxiety disorders and to drug & alcohol abuse


Five Steps 2 Wellness

Mindfulness Meditation is about deep attention and awareness of every moment with the intention to understand and allow to be, rather than to judge and critique. It is while we are practicing mindfulness on our mat, we become aware of passing physical sensations, arising emotional states, and roaming thoughts, which follow us throughout our day.

Our Approach

A 12-week program that provides at-risk youth with the tools to promote Wellness through Five Steps

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Expressive Writing


Our Impact

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In the summer of 2020, New Yorkers for Children and Fostering Meditation partnered to research how Mindfulness could help youth in foster care manage anxiety, depression, and create a more holistic and healthy life!

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Funders & Partners

Grateful for our amazing sponsors and partners who help make healing accessible for the thousands of at-risk and foster youth living in NYC.